AMC’s ‘The Killing’ review: Holder connects the dots

What did Holder figure out?

Was there some substantial movement forward on “The Killing” Sunday night? Definitely. Of course, how much movement really seems to depend on just how you define the term compared to how the show has dragged along in offering clues about Rosie Larsen’s death for most of the season 2.

With Linden being forced to spend a good percentage of the episode under a sort of psychiatric hold, she was really derailed from helping Holder with what she had figured out on the tenth floor at the end of last week’s episode. He knew that whatever she found was related to City Hall, and he was able to use that to piece together a rather interesting connection at the Waterfront. While it’s not confirmed yet, it appears as though Mayor Adams is sabotaging his own construction site with the help of Janek Kovarsky — someone who has some major ties to the Larsen case already. Throw Michael Ames into the mix, and you have three people with something to gain by causing trouble.

As for what exactly the three men are still trying to hide, that much is still relatively unclear — but in between this and the information Linden has (even if we were mostly spinning our wheels with her locked up), we could be on the verge of something big here. It’s a good thing, since we really only have a few more episodes before the case is supposedly solved.

As stellar as the Holder scenes were this week, we almost wish there was more of them — and at the same time, less of Richmond and a more cohesive version of what we saw from Stan. Brent Sexton has been giving some fantastic performances of late, and this was no exception — however, imagine what he could be giving if this grieving father was at least allowed some lengthier opportunities to show just what he is going through rather than just sporadic visits here and there.

Do you think that “The Killing” is moving towards a satisfying conclusion here to the Larsen story, or are you just as confused as ever?

Photo: AMC

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