‘Harry’s Law’ series finale review: Case closed

Say goodbye.

Out of all the shows on network TV to end this year, “Harry’s Law” is one of the most tragic. After all, the show was canceled on NBC despite having the ones of the largest overall audiences of any scripted show, and was punished more for not having viewers within a specific age range.

As sad as the end of the show is, at least Kathy Bates and company ended up leaving with a bang rather than a whimper. Both of the main cases this week packed a punch, and there was also an issue hanging over the episode surrounding the death of Harry’s first husband.

1. The person of interest case – What happens when you are labeled a person of interest in an unresolved case? It pretty much renders you incapable of finding a new job. Harry took on a case of a man who was trying to move forward with his life after the death of his ex, but his status for the case made this pretty much impossible.

This was a case that had a number of implications, but what made it particularly interesting is that Harry went after not just the district attorney’s office for throwing around a label, but also the DA himself for allowing it happen. While she didn’t necessarily win, the case was at least allowed to proceed past an initial ruling.

2. Affirmative action – What has made “Harry’s Law” interesting as a show in that they always manage to flip traditional cases on their head — and in this case, we had a client who is suing a university after she failed to be admitted due to her race. The twist? She was white.  It was admitted from the get-go that this case was a touchy subject since it was already at the supreme court, but they still took their shot — and failed.

While we did see Harry get emotionally finally about her late first husband, it was a brief (but powerful) moment in the midst of an episode with plenty of other content. The episode ended with Harry getting behind the piano, visiting her ex’s grave, and singing a song of goodbye — the same song we’re unfortunately singing now as the series walks off into the sunset.

What did you think about the way in which the show wrapped up?

Photo: NBC

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