‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Chris Colfer, Lea Michele talk new guest stars

Kurt's likely off to New York.

Even though Lea Michele’s Rachel is currently on the only character on “Glee” who has taken off to New York, it’s looking like it’s not going to stay that way altogether long. Based on everything we are hearing, Kurt will be there, as well, at some point early on in season 4.

Of course, this all makes sense once you remember that Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson are each going to play mentors to the two characters during their own arcs next year. In speaking to “Access Hollywood” on this very subject, Chris Colfer claims that this is something that fans have every reason to be excited about:

“I think what they’ve got planned for the two characters is going to be really, really great. The fans are going to be very, very happy.”

Meanwhile, Michele also gushed about how excited she was when she first head the news on Parker and Hudson’s casting:

“I just about died. We’re coming into our fourth season, and to be this excited about our storylines and about the people that we’re getting to work with, I think is just really awesome.”

Hudson will reportedly play Rachel’s specific mentor, and it booked for multiple episodes early on in the season. For now, all Parker is confirmed for is one — but knowing Ryan Murphy, this could also change in the blink of an eye.

Hopefully, we will continue to have more scoop on the upcoming season this fall in the coming weeks — even though the cast is probably not going to know more in the way of information for at least another month (and likely longer).

Do you like having these guest stars on board, or do you prefer your “Glee” when the focus is just on the main characters?

Photo: Fox

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