‘Elementary’: First look at Jonny Lee Miller’s new Sherlock Holmes

Coming this fall.

CBS did not pick up many pilots for this fall season, but there is one that we are certainly a little bit excited about — “Elementary.” Why do we love it? Basically, we realize that you can never really have too much Sherlock Holmes.

The first extended trailer for the series (premiering this fall) is now online, and it showcases Jonny Lee Miller’s version of the character meeting Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson for the first time. The sole premise of having a female Watson — along with the setting being moved to New York City — is already angering some diehard Holmes fans. But shouldn’t we still give the series a chance before we write it off because of its alternate-universe setting?

The one things that does have us sold here from the get-go is Miller — who is so good in the trailer that he makes this part look easy. (Plus, his recent incident with a thief shows that he possesses the same desire to fight crime off-camera.) The real question with this series is the same as with every procedural CBS puts on the air — how will it sustain over 22 episodes? If there are some strong cases, then there will not be a problem. If they do end up hooking up Watson and Holmes, though, they better make sure it happens naturally and is not forced in there for drama.

Are you excited for this new show?

Photo: CBS

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