‘American Idol’ notes: Jessica Sanchez, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen

Jessica is getting ready.

For our Sunday edition of “American Idol” notes on this Memorial Day Weeekend, we are going to be talking about everything from TV performances to lyrics to someone having to do damage control on comments that they never even said to begin with.

Jessica, Daughtry rehearse – It’s only taken Jessica Sanchez two days to bounce back following her second-place finish on “Idol,” and now she is getting ready for her next major performing gig courtesy of the PBS Memorial Day Concert Sunday night. The network is going to feature both her and Chris Daughtry’s self-titled band in performances from Washington DC — a place that truly keeps the spirit of the actual holiday intact.

Following this concert, Jessica will take off to New York City, where she will be doing press for much of the week while Phillip Phillips undergoes surgery in Los Angeles.

Adam Lambert explains “Trespassing” songs – Just in case anyone was wondering just how Adam would describe some of the lyrics off of his new #1 album, he gave us an opportunity to hear it straight from his lips in a series of posts on his Twitter account this weekend.

While it’s hard to fully express a meaning in a single tweet, Adam does a pretty great job:

“1. Trespassing: not following any of these lame ass rules. Look out bi–hes. ;)

2. Cuckoo: yeah that’s right. I’m nuts. But d–n it’s fun, you coming along for the ride?

3. Shady: feeling loose now, gonna get my swerve on. Feeling nasty.

4. Never Close Our Eyes: let’s all stay in the moment and stay open to all possibilities. We have the power to create our reality.

5. Naked Love: come on folks! Relax!! Chill! It ain’t that deep- take a chance and express how u want. Strip away all the BS and get real.

6. Broken English: I’m trying to read u.. It’s confusing but soooo mysteriously sexy. Maybe words aren’t the key. Communication through touch.

7. Underneath: I’m doing my best. Underneath my best game face it’s still not always easy. I have my demons and they are powerful.

8. Chokehold: your playing games w me and it’s putting me though it! But I’m addicted to the heartache and drama. I can’t get enough.

9. Outlaws of Love:road to equality ain’t easy. Sometimes we get sad. All the hate because of the love we wanna share. But we are gonna be ok.

10. Runnin: when I don’t follow my heart, i get dark. vicious cycle that only I can pull myself out of. We all have the power to affect change.

11. Take back: how can we reset how we fell apart? How do we get back to where we started? This was the first song written for trespassing.”

There are a few songs here and there that aren’t touched on, but really we’re lucky to get this much in the way of interpretation from an artist.

Kris Allen clarifies TMZ story – We’re going to close with a story that is rather ridiculous to begin with, mostly because TMZ decided to make it into a bigger story than it was to get hits over the holiday weekend.

Basically, the website shot the video below of Kris at the airport, and used his comments about “Idol’s” lower ratings to create a story about him wanting the show to be “put out of its misery.” Then, they also went on to suggest that he may be “bitter” because “Thank You Camellia” is only on pace to sell 15,000-20,000 copies in its first week.

It’s fair to say Kris isn’t exactly pleased about having certain words placed in his mouth, and he tried to clarify the drama in a post on his WhoSay page:

“I would hope that people would know I love @AmericanIdol and that I would never say anything negative about the show. Ever. The show has given me an opportunity that I never would have had without it.”


As always, stay tuned for more “Idol” news!

Photo: PBS / Twitter

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