‘Glee’s’ Darren Criss, Chris Colfer hoping for season 4 conflict

Will there be more drama?

While no one wants to see Kurt and Blaine end up apart, there is one thing that both Chris Colfer and Darren Criss seem to agree on when it comes to the fourth season of “Glee” — having a long-distance relationship is going to be tough (that is if Kurt does end up making the move to New York, which is what we are hearing), and it may actually be for the better if there is some conflict thrown in there to test the couple. (As actors, it’s surely also much more entertaining to take on a meaty script compared to something where the characters are happily gushing all over each other 24 hours a day.)

Speaking in a new interview with MTV News on this very subject, Criss gives us an idea of just what he would like to see (and play) when the show starts up season 4 production later this summer:

“[Blaine]’s going to be a senior. I’m curious to see where his journey takes him … Him and Kurt seem to be pretty strong, but Chris [Colfer] and I liked a little drama, so we like things being shook up maybe for more than one episode (a reference to the drama with Chandler). So, I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m just happy to be invited to the party.”

Of course, the idea of relationship drama between the “Glee” characters may be something not everyone is excited to hear about at the moment. After all, seeing Finn and Rachel break up in the finale was a stunning moment, in particular when many were under the impression that this was something that would not befall the couple again after a painful split during the midway point of season 2.

Do you some extra Kurt / Blaine conflict is going to be a better thing for the characters in the long run — as least so long as it is warranted?

Photo: Fox

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