‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: A change for the Deb storyline

Deb will certainly see Dex differently.

It’s no question that season 6 of “Dexter” was not exactly a fan favorite — the Gellar twist felt a bit like the writers being crafty for craftiness’ sake, but the one thing that really had people fuming was the idea that Deb had so much trouble with men because she was in love with her adopted brother. There wasn’t really any genuine build-up to it, and it also made a good many uncomfortable — which, yes, is strange only because these same people have no problem with cheering on a serial killer.

So what’s the good news? Thanks to Deb learning at the end of last season that the blood splatter analyst was not who she thought he was, her feelings are certainly going to change. However, there’s also bad news for folks who aren’t into the storyline. E! News reports that the Dexter / Deb “romance” (or whatever you want to call it) will resurface again at some point, even if it is just Deb talking about it to her therapist again.

Early on the season, it appears that what is primarily going to be on the showrunners’ plate is Deb trying to come to terms with what her brother has become, and how she managed to live pretty much her entire life without realizing it.

Is this storyline one that you want to see go away, or do you actually want “Dexter” as a program to continue it now that the chain of events have already been put in motion?

Photo: Showtime

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