‘The Bachelorette’ rankings: Jef, Arie lead the way as Emily Maynard favorites

Emily is feeling Arie.

Now that we are two weeks in to “The Bachelorette” this season, we are able to kick off a feature that we are going to be doing for the rest of the season — ranking some of Emily Maynard’s men based on how likely they are to steal her heart by the end of the season.

First things first, don’t anticipate any spoilers here — we are basing these rankings on airtime, edit, and some of the intangibles that Emily is supposedly looking for. Since there are so many people left who are still wild cards, we are only focusing on the top five for now.

5. Sean Lowe – We haven’t seen too much of Sean so far, but based on the show’s previews he could be a rising star moving through this competition.

The biggest thing Sean has going for him is that even when he is not around Emily (which has happened often so far this season), he still finds a way to say and do just about all of the right things.

4. Ryan Bowers – He was the first contestant to have a one-on-one date this season, and he handled it pretty well — despite it being a pretty awkward date where he had to at one point sit in the car while Emily delivered some cookies to Ricki.

What is impressive about Ryan is that he seems up for anything, whether it is dancing at a concert surrounded by people or taking part in some more domestic duties. Can he keep the spark going? That will be the challenge, since people with the first date are very rarely the people who end up being the winner of the season.

3. Doug Clerget – It’s hard to discount anyone with a First Impression Rose, even if we haven’t seen too much of Doug since outside of him getting upset with Kalon over his comments suggesting that he was “taking time off” being a dad.

The thing that makes Doug an interesting candidate is that he is a man’s man — and it’s no slight against anyone else. He already knows what it means to be a dad, which is something Emily is looking for.

2. Jef Holm – Jef is certainly the odd ball of the season, mostly because he reminds us both of Ames from Ashley Hebert’s season and Frank from Ali Fedotowsky’s season (before he left the show to go back to an old girlfriend).

So while we think Jef would be the coolest choice for Emily to make from this end, he also seems to be the guy who is having the most trouble with the experience. If he remains so constantly nervous on group date settings, it could cause he and Emily to fall apart.

1. Arie Luyendyk, Jr. – Are we positive that Arie will win? Not, but at the moment he does seem to have the edit that every potential winner wants. On the first night, he addressed a concern with Emily in his profession — and he even made sure to spend time with her at the cocktail party next week despite not getting to be a part of a date.

We know that Arie will have a date soon, and we will know more then — but considering Emily’s history with racers, she would have sent him home right away if there wasn’t any interest here.

Who do you think is the current favorite so far this season?

Photo: ABC

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