‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spoilers: Jesse Williams on reaction to Lexie tragedy

Season 9 is approaching...

When “Grey’s Anatomy” picks up in the fall, the drama surrounding the plane crash is going to have to be addressed in some shape or form. It’s still unclear just whether or not the show will pick up immediately after the event or later on; but either way, the doctors are all going to have to adapt to what happened.

For Jesse Williams’ character of Jackson, the transition following Lexie’s death is going to be harder than for pretty much anyone outside of Meredith and Mark. Speaking to Glamour in a new interview, the actor reminds us that Lexie and Jackson do have a past, and it going to come into play both in how he handles the tragedy as well as his current feelings towards his sort-of-girlfriend April:

“I view it as a big adventure—it can go a lot of different ways, and now you have a whole new element thrown in there, which is Lexie. And Mark, my co-worker and kind of my guy, because obviously he’s traumatized, and I’m going to be traumatized to a degree. My friend/girlfriend is obviously going to have to deal with me losing someone that I was intimate with, and me and her, we haven’t really figured out what we’re going to do yet.”

One other thing that is still going to come into play for the fall is that Shonda Rhimes has not guaranteed that everyone alive during the finale will stay that way during the season 9 premiere, so there is a possibility that Mark or Arizona (who were both pretty banged up) could end up passing before the survivors of the crash are found by rescuers.

Now that Mark and Lexie are unfortunately over, is Jackson and April a couple that you can see yourself getting behind?

Photo: ABC

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