‘America’s Next Top Model’ starts cycle 19 fan voting

Smart move?

When you consider that the ratings for “America’s Next Top Model” have sunk like a lead balloon this season, it’s no surprise to see the Tyra Banks and company are really trying everything within their power to retool the once-hip series into something that is must-watch TV again. They’ve installed new judges, and now they are instituting fan voting for the first time.

However, there is still something rather interesting that comes with the sort of way in which the voting is happening. If you go on over to the show’s official page, you can see a number of the photos that are being shot along with some brief videos explaining why fans of the show should vote for them. This will be done for multiple rounds of the competition, which makes us wonder if we are going to be able to ascertain the voting goes along who lasts in the competition and who ends up going home.

If this does happen, it’s an incredibly risky move by Tyra and company to actually risk spoiling part of your show before the season even starts airing. While it certainly gets more people involved now, are these same people going to even bother watching the show if they know their favorite gets eliminated midway through? It’s possible that producers are hoping fans will watch so that they can see their feedback featured on live television.

All of the contestants for this recent challenge (which has been closed already) took part in a challenge where their heads were literally mounted on a wall. Our personal favorite? Jessie, mostly just because she seems to realize just how awkward it is that she is talking to people as a floating head.

Do you think this is a good idea, or really just a disaster waiting to happen?

Photo: The CW

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