‘The Voice’ UK top 8 rankings: Jaz Ellington, Vince Kidd threats to win

Who is shining the brightest?

As we have done as of late with “American Idol” and “The Voice” here in America, we are now going to institute rankings for “The Voice” UK for the rest of the season.

While we could separate these groups into individual categories based on each coach (thanks mostly to the ridiculous role that each celebrity has a contestant in the finale), we’ve opted instead to sort them out just based on who actually has the best shot overall to win this competition. With this in mind, expect some domination courtesy of Team will.i.am and Team Jessie J.

8. Max Milner (Team Danny O’Donoghue) – Max has been saved by Danny twice, and he’s the only contestant left who can say that. With Bo Bruce being so much stronger as a vocalist (not to mention more creative), it’s hard to even see him having a shot at making the inale.

7. Leanne Mitchell (Team Tom Jones) – She’s a fine enough singer, but Leanne’s biggest problem is that she may be more forgettable than just about anyone else in the competition at this point. If we can barely remember her now, how are voters going to remember her enough to call in votes?

6. Becky Hill (Team Jessie J) – Becky certainly brings the unpredictable factor, but we also have a feeling that her on-stage meltdown after “Seven Nation Army” severed her fan base. With Vince Kidd being such a strong performer, we have a hard time seeing her make it through this coming weekend.

5. Ruth Brown (Team Tom) – Even if Ruth makes the finale (and we feel that she probably will), is she really going to do enough to win? As nice as her voice is, she really doesn’t do anything that cannot be heard somewhere else. With “The Voice” ratings falling fast, they need to find a winner with some serious star capability.

4. Tyler James (Team will.i.am) – If Tyler was on any other team, he may have a shot at making it to the finale. Unfortunately, he’s on the strongest team left in the competition — and thanks to a silly rule, his odds aren’t good. We know that he’s already well-known to some folks, and hopefully it will lead to him getting more opportunities in the future.

3. Bo Bruce (Team Danny) – The one person on Danny’s team to not be in will.i.am’s crosshairs, Bo just has such a natural voice and a genuine star quality to her, and nobody does a better job at being vulnerable.

2. Vince Kidd (Team Jessie) – What an entertainer! In our head, he already reminds us a little bit a George Michael, a Lady Gaga, or even a Jessie J even in how he manages to make every little thing he does unique. He’s easily the most compelling talent on the season — and the one with the most potential for a career in pop music. However, that doesn’t mean he will win.

1. Jaz Ellingotn (Team will.i.am) – If you look at “The Voice” here in America, you will see that soul singers tend to fare very well on this sort of show. With Jaz, it helps that he may actually be a better singer than even the recent winner here in Jermaine Paul — he’s creative, smart, and most importantly likable. He may not be as friendly to top 40 stations as Vince is, but with this sort of talent he has to be the consensus favorite.

At the moment, who are you backing to make the finale — and who do you think will win? Check back Saturday, as we will have a full review of the performance show featuring the top 8!

Photo: BBC One

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