‘The Pauly D Project’ review: The great 50 Cent tease

Pauly, meet 50.

Thursday night’s new episode of “The Pauly D Project” promised a big moment for our fist-pumping star, mostly because he really had an opportunity to make a leap forward in his music career — and it was all courtesy of one 50 Cent.

However, the show ultimately stalled for as long as humanly possible before getting to this moment — meaning that they really didn’t make it to that moment at all. Instead, we ended up seeing Biggie getting a blessing from his girlfriend’s parents to propose, and Pauly get his hands immortalized in cement at Planet Hollywood in Times Square. (In the process, he pretty much shut down the neighborhood.)

Ultimately, the same problems with “Pauly D” that have been there all season were present here — mostly in that we haven’t seen much of Pauly’s actual creative process musically, so his meeting with 50 did not have the sort of impact it could have. Nonetheless, at least it and the proposal did create a nice narrative for the episode — which is more than we can say about some of what we have seen this season. Unfortunately, we once again felt that in the process, the show was really spinning its wheels since it realized that there really wasn’t much in the way of content to enjoy. We were teased early on with a potentially big moment — and the only real event that happened leading up to the meeting involved the boys being unsure as to who was going to end up going with Pauly. Ryan threw a fit, and then we had a cliffhanger.

Were you a bit annoyed that the meeting still didn’t happen this week?

Photo: MTV

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