‘Punk’d’ review: ‘Glee’s’ Heather Morris and the Cody Simpson robbery

Heather had some fun.

While we still feel like it is kind of strange for a “Glee” star to not prank a single one of her fellow cast members on “Punk’d,” Heather Morris still spearheaded one of the better stunts — mostly because it was one of the few times all season that we have seen an entire family get involved.

However, from there things quickly went downhill fast.

Cody Simpson – This was a rather elaborate prank, as one of the “Punk’d” crew literally spent the entire day driving around the Australian star in order to convince him that they were friends. Then, he tried to rob him and claim that they were buddies.

Even though there was no connection between Heather and Cody, there were two things worth mentioning with this stunt:

1. Did anyone else find it funny that Cody overtly recognized his Christmas tree so easily?

2. Cody’s parents were actually two of the people who spearheaded prank — which also involved a woman offering to show him a certain part of her anatomy if he allows them to take his stuff.

Overall, it was at least something new — and rather funny to boot. Grade: A-

Joe Jonas – The biggest problem with this entire prank of Joe was that he never seemed to buy what was going on around him. As a matter of fact, he even said so after he was led to believe that he had just helped someone rob a house.

As it turns out, Joe has done a hidden camera show before, so he knew what to expect. Lame. Grade: F

Emma Roberts – The good news here is that Emma had no idea what was going on, and she has never done a hidden camera show before. The basic theme of the stunt was a frozen yogurt disaster, but it fizzled almost as soon as it began.

The problem was this was that Emma knew that her pal didn’t break the yogurt machine, so she did what any logical person would want to do — leave. Her normal behavior pretty much ruined the sketch as a whole. Grade: D

What was your favorite stunt this week?

Photo: MTV

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