‘Jersey Shore’s’ Pauly D continues DJ war with Deadmau5


here’s nothing quite like a ridiculous celebrity feud — in particular when there’s no real reason that the feud started up to begin with.

Almost one week after Deadmau5 ripped Pauly D for his new music video (and later said that he has pretty much no talent at all as a DJ), the “Jersey Shore” and “Pauly D Project” star has now battled back in a pretty big way — and with one of the sweetest burns we have ever heard.

In a new post on his Twitter account, Pauly posted the picture attached to this article along with the following caption:

“Wait I’m Sorry I Cant Hear You @deadmau5 The Clearance Section Is Too Loud ….”

While Deadmau5 still could have a pretty good comeback in that he at least has an actual album out in stores, Pauly is currently winning this war of words — though it’s not exactly like anyone is keeping score.

This is actually the second major feud for Deadmau5 this year — months ago, he made headlines for not mincing his words when it came to Madonna supposedly referencing ecstasy during her song “Molly.”

When it comes to celebrity burns, where does Pauly’s rank for you?

Photo: Twitter / Pauly D

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