ABC’s ‘Revenge’ finale reaction: Is Victoria really [spoiler]?

It's still stunning.

Warning: If you have not yet watched the finale for “Revenge,” you probably want to do so before reading this article.

Now that we have had some time to pick our jaws up off the floor, it’s all finally starting to sink in — Amanda is back, Emily’s mother may be out there, and Victoria Grayson may no longer be among the living. But is what we saw happen with the airplane really what happened? That is the question that so many have in their heads at the moment — after all, Madeline Stowe is an enormous part of the show, and her character is so smart that it is hard to see her willingly going along with something that would bring about her demise.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Mike Kelley was cryptic in saying that Victoria’s story was meant to have a “cliffhanger,” and he wanted her to be aware of her possible fate the moment that she stepped foot onto the airplane. However, he also said that we better be prepared to expected the unexpected:

“This is all part of the show. People should listen to their instincts because they’re invested in characters in the show, but there are twists and turns and they love to be surprised. What everybody expects happened that night has not been fully reported. How about that?”

Sadly, now we have to commence the long and arduous waiting process. “Revenge” will likely return either in late September or early October, and hopefully we will receive more in the way of answers then.

Do you think that Victoria is really dead, and if not how do you think that she managed to escape what was sure to be a fiery grave?

Photo: ABC

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