‘Around the World in 80 Plates’ review: Nookie’s angels

Service is key!

Three episodes in to “Around the World in 80 Plates,” and we are still unsure that there is a better program out there when it comes to reality competitions. It’s still fun, still fast-paced, and it manages to actually teach you just as much (if not more) about the locations than “The Amazing Race.”

This week, the remaining ten chefs took off to Barcelona for what was an incredibly entertaining sequence of events. The team-forming this week managed to win us over after we criticized everyone switching teams last week — mostly because it led to the formation of a group called “Nookie’s Angels,” who ended up dominating the task against a team led by “Cheven” (yes, that nickname again) , Chaz, and all of the other men in the competition who do not work for the Boston Red Sox.

The real reason that Nookie and the ladies won really was only partially because of him — while he created a mostly-solid menu for one of the city’s premier restaurants, the execution pushed it over the top. We haven’t been the biggest Jenna fans all season, but her demeanor at the front of the house was one of the real reasons that her team was able to correct some of their mistakes — including one for the dessert that could have been catastrophic.

Meanwhile, it was Cheven’s own lack of customer service that put his crew in trouble. He spent too much time in the kitchen, wasn’t friendly enough, and honestly didn’t seem to have anyone on his side. The only thing we were really shocked by here was that after his team lost, that someone actually voted for Gary — who really didn’t do anything wrong at all during the task.

At this point, what makes “80 Plates” so great as a show is that you do get to see some great cooking, but also some interesting strategy. Chaz seems to be the clear weakest link at the moment, but he could stay around for a while because of it — meanwhile, Nookie and Avery (who has done well in some regards) could be in danger as threats. This may lead to Nookie even dumbing down his game, which is what he suggested he may do at the end of this episode after he ended up winning immunity.

Are you loving this show as much as we are?

Photo: Bravo

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