‘Duck Dynasty’ finale review: Is Willie leaving Duck Commander?

A fitting end to season 1.

For the first time on “Duck Dynasty” all season, we really saw a tough decision made by the main man at Duck Commander, Willie Robertson — whether or not to leave the company after he received another offer.

After watching the way in which this business operates for most of the past several weeks, we understand why Willie was actually considering leaving. Nobody else seems altogether concerned with working, and it must be hard to get your employees to take you seriously when you have your brother Jase getting the employees to joust in cardboard boxes. (Go back and watch it — it may be one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen.)

Ultimately, Jase redeemed himself a little bit here by telling Willie that the only reason he messes around with him so much is because he cares, of course, this sentimental moment didn’t last long — we then witnessed Si randomly decide he wanted to sell tortoise eggs for $300 a pop, and Willie based his entire future with Duck Commander on a race between two of the aforementioned creatures.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Willie decided not to go anywhere, and his continued presence at Duck Commander really means one thing to us — more craziness from one of the best new reality shows on TV. Wednesday night offered us two episodes, and while this one was sweet the one before it was roll-on-the-floor funny. The men and the women engaged in their annual cook-off, which once again saw the guys lose after they literally tried to create a mating ritual to lure in some turkeys for dinner. (The biggest surprise? That Jase ultimately admitted that he liked turkey more than duck.)

The thing that makes “Duck Dynasty” special — and this is something that we have said pretty much all season — is that it somehow manages to perfect combine the silliness with the sincere. The Robertson family is definitely hilarious, but they also have some pretty big hearts hidden under those mighty beards.

Are you going to miss this show as much as we are?

Photo: A&E

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