ABC’s ‘Revenge’ finale review: Did [spoiler] really just happen?

Everything is now on the table.

After the intensity (and controversy) of the “American Idol” finale, it was pretty easy for singing fans to forget that there was any other TV on Wednesday night. Of course, people who probably feel this way are not fans of “Revenge,” and don’t know just what sort of action, drama, and intensity the show brought for a sensational conclusion to season 1. There was also a shocking moment that will completely rock the very foundation of this show.

So what happened? Don’t read on if you want to avoid spoilers.

Emily and Jack – Emily finally admitted to Daniel that she and Jack kissed, and she ultimately admitted things have changed ever since the engagement — really changed. Victoria was pleased (but not as pleased as you would think), and this ended up leading to a rather heated confrontation between her and Daniel about Charlotte, and just how she was going to go about “righting” some of the things that she has done.

Victoria of course had to come back to rub this whole breakup in Emily’s face a little bit longer, and she took refuge in the one person we all assumed she would go to in a moment like this — Jack. The problem? She soon found out that he and Amanda were now expecting a child together … and she’s went from having two suitors to being effectively alone. If that’s not devastation, than we really don’t know what is.

Court drama – With the news coming out about Conrad being charged for the death of David, Victoria had a debate — should she testify against him or not? Ultimately, she ended answering this question pretty quickly, and things became heated between her and Conrad as she sent him off.

The plane – As dramatic as all of this was, nothing compares to Victoria’s plane being seemingly sabotaged while she was heading to DC — and thanks to a crash, it seems pretty apparent that she is dead … and she may not be the only one, judging from what we saw from Charlotte.

These shockers change the game for Emily in a big way — with the exception of a hard drive, most of her evidence that would exonerate her father was on that plane. However, there was plenty in that hard drive to push Emily forward — including a stunner via video that her mother may still be alive.

While we don’t know how this show is going to move forward, it’s almost official — this may be the best finale we have seen during all of the May sweeps.

What did you think about the finale, and was it a suitable way for this season as a whole to wrap up in your mind?

Photo: ABC

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