Anderson Cooper rips ‘Human Barbie’, kicks her off talk show

Anderson had enough.

Anderson Cooper has dealt with a number of unruly guests throughout the first season of his talk show, but he officially hit his breaking point this week with Sarah Burge — a woman who is also known by the name of “Barbie Mom” courtesy of all the plastic surgery she has underwent over the years.

So what happened? Anderson was trying to interrogate Burge as to why she would want to give her 15-year old daughter botox injections in order for her to avoid sweating on stage, but eventually stopped the interview when he felt like she wasn’t actually providing any sort of real answer outside of publicity. To make matters even more entertaining, he referred to her as “dreadful” before stopping the interview for good.

After the taping, Anderson recorded a second video saying that he tries to be respectful to all of his guests, but on this occasion he felt like there was no sense continuing an interview where he felt that nothing was going to get accomplished at all outside of giving Berge publicity. He also said that he regretted having her on the show to begin wtih.

Do you think that Anderson made the right move?

Photo: Anderson Cooper

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