‘The Vampire Diaries’ spoilers: Matt and Jeremy on the warpath

How is Matt going to feel?

When “The Vampire Diaries” does start filming later this summer, there is going to be quite a bit in the way of substantial material for two people in particular — Matt and Jeremy. Why? Let’s just say that there is going to be a little bit of a guilt trip in regards to Elena becoming a vampire.

For a further explanation, just listen to what executive producer Julie Plec is saying on this very subject in an interview with TVLine:

“I think that’s the worst tragedy of all is that they plotted together to get her out of town so she wouldn’t have to be part of this life. And now as a result of having been on that bridge at that moment, Matt is basically responsible in his own way for her being the one thing she never wanted to be. He’s going to carry that very heavily. It’s going to take his some time to get past that. And I would say certainly Jeremy, who would never want this for his sister, is going to have a real, real visceral reaction against Rebekah for what [she] did. There might be a little bit of retribution.”

Hopefully, this will lead to our show’s only two non-supernatural humans (at least in the sense that Jeremy’s only gift is seeing dead people) having a more active and violent role in trying to take on the world around them. After all, we have really only seen the two so far act in a sort of secondary role where they are constantly protected by either the Salvatore brothers or Bonnie. Plus, doesn’t someone need to take over the vampire hunter role with Alaric gone?

While it may not often be mentioned, Matt may have one of the hardest journeys at this point out of any of the characters on the show. After all, he has lost both Elena and Caroline to other men, and completely seen the world around him transform without really anyone to be there for him on an emotional level.

Now that Elena is no longer human, do you think that Matt and Jeremy are going to become even more important to the show?

Photo: The CW

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