‘Once Upon a Time’ spoilers: More magic, more problems

This is going to be trouble.

Just how bad are things going to become in Storybrooke for “Once Upon a Time” next season? Let’s just say that unless you are the Evil Queen (and possibly Rumpelstiltskin), you are going to be in some major trouble.

It’s going to be a rather fast role-reversal in the town — just minutes after it seemed as though Regina was going to be chased out with pitchforks over the townspeople learning who she really was, the magic set loose into the world could give her a regained sense of power and control. (The one thing that is still in question when it comes to Regina is how she really even has the grasp on magic that she does.)

Speaking to TV Guide in a new interview, Lana Parrilla (who is responsible for the character) explained that while magic may be danger for some, it clearly does not mean that for the Queen:

“It’s hope … I don’t know how strong the magic’s going to be, but there’s going to be some powerful stuff going on.”

The one problem Regina will face? Even though she does have all the power, we already learned via the season 1 finale that magic does not necessarily work in the same sort of ways in Storybrooke that it did in the fairytale world. Just one wrong spell could end up having catastrophic consequences.

While we wait for the fall, let’s just hope that we will continue to have more scoop from some of the actors pertaining to what we can expect.

Photo: ABC

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