MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 4, episode 6 review: Did Jake tell Matty about the kiss?

The latest -After Jenna’s confusion over Olivia on last week’s episode of “Awkward”, she has really found herself in a difficult situation with Jake and Matty – however to be fair when is she not in a messy situation with these two?  Jenna shared a kiss with Jake when he thought that she was talking in code about wanting to be with him, when actually she was talking about Matty when she thought Olivia was his girlfriend (really she was Matty’s brother’s girlfriend). Is she going to tell Matty about the kiss? Is she going to start pursuing Jake? Let’s see how it all unfolds.

This week Jenna’s mom has her helping out at a charity event, which seems like an event where everyone would be on their best behavior, but when she sees that it’s filled with some of the mean girls, Jenna is worried her event will be ruined for her mom. Jenna and Tamara sneak into Sadie’s room where they find a journal they use to blackmail her with to ensure that Jenna’s mom is accepted into the club. Jenna’s mom later over hears some of the other mother’s saying nasty things behind her back and decides that this isn’t a world she wants any part of and leaves with Jenna.

As it turns out the means girls were the least of Jenna’s problems. When Matty and Jake both show up at the event, Jake is acting weird around Jenna and later reveals to Matty that the reason for the awkwardness is because he kissed her.

Is this information about the kiss going to change everything for Matty and Jenna? It could, especially since the episode ends with Jake asking Jenna if they can talk. Very juicy episode with a lot of boy drama to it. We can’t wait to see where this goes. Episode grade: B+

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