‘American Idol’ finale: Studio versions of Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez songs

Who has the better song?

On the first part of the “American Idol” finale, we heard for the first time what the coronation songs for Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez will sound like — and now, we also have listen to the studio recordings for both “Home” and “Change Nothing.”

So which song has the edge? You can check them both out below for your own analysis, in addition to what we have to say.

“Home” – We never thought we’d say this when it comes to a coronation song, but this is actually really good. It’s not that Phillip necessarily blows it out of the park, but Jimmy Iovine did a great job finding a recording that was folksy, modern, and well-suited for his voice. It’s not necessarily as distinctive in tone as the judges made it out to be, though — it’s a bit like the baby of Paul Simon and Marcus Mumford.

Sure, the song has been around for a while and was even performed by co-writer Greg Holden, buy you can’t really complain about this since Lauren Alaina’s “Like My Mother Does” was originally written by former “Idol” Kristy Lee Cook.

“Change Nothing” – If you read our review for the live performance, you already know how we feel about the song — it’s pretty atrocious, and it’s not a good fit for a 16-year old. Does Jessica really want her first single to contain the word “hell” along with the phrase “I should’ve shut my mouth.”

The good news is that the studio version at least shows off her incredible voice a bit better — but even this can’t save a song that is a melodic dud. We’re actually a bit embarrassed for Jimmy here — he’s spent all of this time this season talking about making Jessica into a youthful singer, and this song doesn’t do that. It doesn’t do anything for her at all.

Ultimately, the point we are trying to make here is that the song really does make the difference. Even though Jessica is in our mind clearly the better singer of the two, Phillip’s song is far easier to listen to, and he’s going to have the edge here based on the fact that it could end up being played on the radio.

Which studio recording do you like more?

Photo: Fox

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