‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: How will Lea Michele’s scenes work?

She's going to have a chance.

Following the rather sad season finale for “Glee” Tuesday night, there are some pretty serious questions worth asking. One of them comes simply from a production standpoint — how on earth is the show going to film in multiple locations at once?

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

Despite not having either Finn or Kurt at her side (at least for now) — and it being rather expensive to film in the Big Apple — Ryan Murphy is insisting (per TVLine) that the New York setting will be a big part of season 4, and that Lea Michele’s scenes as Rachel will be filmed on location:

“We’re coming to New York … Nothing is in stone, because we’re still budgeting, but I would love to come once every five weeks and shoot a lot of scenes there. We are 100 percent doing that; we’re not going to do it all on a soundstage. That was one of the fun reasons to do [the storyline].”

As for if anyone will eventually join Rachel in the city, don’t expect any answers on that for a while. The massive cliffhanger with Finn and the Army is something that the show is likely going to keep secret for some time, and we also wouldn’t be surprised if she has some serious trouble forgiving him over his decision to not only leave her, but to do it while she thinks they are on their way to their wedding. (We don’t care if he thinks it was selfless — it was heart-wrenching.)

How do you see the show functioning in season 4, and after some of the negative reviews from fans following the finale do you think the new structure will even work?

Photo: Fox

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