‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Tom Cotter, Howard Stern’s dad rule

Comedy stole the show.

America’s Got Talent” closed out its New York auditions Tuesday with some pretty good performances, but there is a real question here worth asking — were they good enough? We have yet to see many real standout acts, though at least tonight we had a welcome presence of something that has been slim pickings on “AGT” in the past — comedy!

The good

John Pizzi – A good ventriloquist is always a pleasure in itself — one that mocks the judges is even better. We really don’t think that all of his impressions were that great, but his Howard Stern was worthy of getting him through to the next round.

Donovan and Rebecca – Isn’t it nice to see aerial acts like this? It’s something that we have never exactly seen before — a man and a woman lifting each other into the air so effortlessly. It was so streamline, beautiful to watch, and strange at the same time.

Tom Cotter – For the first time in a while, we may have a comedian this season who could end up being a genuine threat to win this competition. Tom was smart, genuinely funny, and he had the sort of presence that suggested he would not fold while performing to large crowds.

Stepz – This is a tough guy to figure out. He’s extremely talented and smart, but the issue is that there are so many street performers out there already who already do what he does. Stepz needs to really step it up (insert rim shot here), otherwise he’ll be forgotten before the live shows.

The bad

The Savage Men – It’s a bit interesting that female burlesque acts tend to do well, but these four guys got three buzzes. Were they particularly great? No, and it was the right choice for them to not advance. However, they were at least funny.

Roland Martin – Really? This was a giant waste of everyone’s time, but the “dance” act really didn’t do much outside of allowing Howard Stern’s dad go up on stage and pretty much instruct this guy into getting a job.

Who was your favorite performer from this show, and do you think we are in for a good year when it comes to comedy?

Photo: NBC

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