‘House’ series finale reaction: David Shore says… (spoilers)

It is all over now.

If you still have yet to watch the series finale for “House,” we recommend turning away before continuing any further into this article. Otherwise, read on for some comments from show creator David Shore about what was a twist-filled final hour for the series.

Speaking specifically about the decision to have House fake his own death, Shore explained (per TVLine) that there were discussions about Hugh Laurie’s character actually dying rather than just pretending to go in a burning building — though this was something he never really wanted to do:

“Everything was on the table. But it was considered for [not very] long, partly because I want the series to live on. The idea of people thinking that House is dead is a weird thing to leave people with. It ultimately felt better to have him out there with Wilson doing who knows what. I thought that was a really nice thing to leave people with and to let them put their imprint on that in their own mind.”

Shore also said that the finale was not meant to make people wonder what House is going to do once Wilson finally dies thanks to his cancer, but to instead allow them to actually enjoy their last several months together away from the hospital and the complications that would come with going to prison. It was an open-ended conclusion, but there was still a little bit of redemption for the character, and hope that somewhere (even with a new identity) he could change for the better.

Are you appreciating the show’s ending more and more now that you have had some time to reflect on it?

Photo: Fox

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