‘Community’ – Dan Harmon fallout: How does Chevy Chase feel?

Chevy may not be as happy as you think.

We have talked quite a bit over the past few days about Dan Harmon’s abrupt dismissal from “Community,” but there has been one key element missing from the mix — how Chevy Chase may feel about the show’s creator getting dismissed following a series of ugly voicemail incidents.

While Chevy is still keeping quiet when it come to his thoughts on Harmon’s exit, the showrunner himself responded to a question on Twitter about if Chase is happy with the move made by NBC and Sony Pictures TV in a rather interesting way:

“He’s not. He left me a 70th and very funny voicemail last night. We basically liked each other. We’re just both babies.”

Jim Rash seemed to collaborate this story over the weekend, as he told TMZ that everyone in the cast was supporting Harmon fully, and the decision that was made was totally out of their hands. (He also said that the voicemails had nothing to do with why Harmon was presumably let go.)

David Guarascio and Moses Port have the challenge now of becoming the new showrunners for a program that is moving to Friday nights, and already is at risk of alienating its loyal fanbase by changing up the show at its core. While it’s easy to be skeptical — and it’s even justified — there have been some showrunner changes that have worked out in the past. A recent example is “The Walking Dead,” but that was an easier transition in that Frank Darabont was merely adapting the work of Robert Kirkman.

Do you think that “Community” still has a chance?

Photo: NBC

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