‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Shay Mitchell promises tough Emily

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While all of the “Pretty Little Liars” are going to be impacted by the knowledge that Mona is “A,” but one more than any of the others is going to feel it on a deep emotional level. Why? Thanks to certain actions that were taken (either by her or by someone close to her) Maya is now dead, and the dearly departed’s surviving girlfriend is going to be out for revenge.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview leading up to the season 3 premiere, Shay Mitchell does her best to explain just how much the “A” reveal changes things for her character:

“I think it changes things for Emily because you’ve just killed her girlfriend. “A” has done other things before that have been quite serious, but now you’ve killed somebody who’s extremely close to her. Another person. For Emily, it’s no more ‘Mrs. Nice Emily,’ it’s not going to fly. You took it way too far. Emily is now coming back into season three with a vengeance.”

Mitchell also says that there is a major twist coming within the first episode of the new season (which starts up June 5) that will have a massive impact on everything we see moving forward. Emily will also find love again, but it is unclear whether it will be with Paige (as has been suggested at times through season 2) or someone else entirely.

What do you want to see Emily do in response to “A” reveal, and do you think this is something that she will ever be able to get over?

Photo: ABC Family

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