‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Are Olate Dogs the new Ashleigh & Pudsey?

Who shined in the Big Apple?

America’s Got Talent” took off to New York for Monday night’s new episode, and this was almost immediately a challenge for new judge Howard Stern. After all, it is the kingdom — and he is promising to find an act that we will actually be talking about unlike the majority of past contestants on this show.

While there were still plenty of filler acts this week, we can at least say that there was a couple of acts (a group of dogs and a rap band) that are worthy of seeing at least a few more times this season — and thankfully so!

The hits

The Flyte Cru – This slam-dunk group, annoying name aside, was actually pretty good. Our main complaint? In between this show and the one in Britain, they did absolutely nothing that was new or exciting.

Olate Dogs – After spending most of the past month watching Ashleigh & Pudsey on “Britain’s Got Talent,” we weren’t quite quire we would ever see a dog act that impressed us anymore.

However, this was quite frankly amazing, and we never thought we would ever see a dog do backflips on national TV. Do they have the chemistry and likability of Pudsey and his owner? No, but they are still plenty of fun and different than any other act we’ve ever seen.

Horse – Based on all of the blows this man took to a certain part of his body, we actually don’t know how this guy was even able to have two children. His “talent” was completely remarkable, but we don’t know how watching some guy get hit in the nuts week after week is going to work during the live rounds.

Wordspit, the Illest – With the right frontman, this rap band could actually be pretty good — but it’s still unclear whether or not this guy is a good rapper or is just really energetic. Overall, it was a bit of a giant mess — but it was a thoroughly entertaining mess with some great instrumentation and singing.

The misses

Mir Money – Howard may officially be the Hercules of all reality shows. Why? He actually buzzed a seven-year old kid during a performance — and although he felt absolutely terrible about doing it, it was the right move. Everyone has to be treated fairly, and as funny as the kid was he really wasn’t very good.

Burton Crane – We wonder who put Burton up to this joke — we just watched a 77-year old man go on stage with a Casio and a ridiculous song, and in a surprise to everyone (possibly including Burton) the audience actually seemed to like it.

We know that the judges put Burton through to the next round, but we really can’t justify putting something this horrific into a “hits” category.

What was your favorite audition from New York City?

Photo: NBC

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