‘The Bachelorette’ review: Emily Maynard’s journey with Muppets

The (new) Muppet show.

Do you love Muppets — or cookies? So long as you answer “yes” to one of these questions, you are probably going to love Monday night’s new episode of “The Bachelorette.”

While we are still a bit torn about some of the guys this season (in particular Stevie, who seems to be the token irritant), this season is thankfully turning out to be rather entertaining in a short period of time.

One-on-one date #1 – Ryan

We really feel pretty bad for Ryan when it comes to this date. It started off sweetly enough as he made cookies, but then had to sit in the car as she presented them to Ricki’s daughter. While it’s great that Emily is not introducing any of the individual guys to her daughter, why make a guy do this date right now?

To make matters worse, Ryan then had to deal with a swarm of paparazzi, a dinner that was awkward considering everyone outside, and a concert where they had to dance in front of what was pretty much a mob.

The group date – It’s time to play the music…

It’s hard to say what made this group date particularly engaging — whether it be hearing Charlie’s emotional story about nearly losing his life to Chris Harrison having to serve as one of the critics in the balcony.

This date also gave us an indication that Jef was going to fulfill the role of the “insecure guy who likely goes far.” While Kalon was off making himself more unlikable and Charlie was a frontrunner, it was Jef admitting that this process was so hard that ended up getting him a rose.

One-on-one date #2 – Joe

This was really the surprise of the week, and one of the biggest surprises of the entire season. It’s rare to see someone go home on a one-on-one date so early, especially someone as nice as Joe.

So what was the biggest problem with Joe? The two traveled to Emily’s home state of West Virginia, and there just weren’t the sort of sparks Emily was looking for. She wants somebody who she could actually see herself and Ricki with moving forward, and Joe wasn’t it.

Unfortunately, now he and his James Massone hair are going to have to find a new reality show — or just get away from TV in general.

The cocktail party

Really, there was not that much that took place here that was altogether interesting — unless you count guys puffing their chests out at Ryan for taking more time with Emily. Sure, he has a rose — but guys, he’s playing to win! We saw some of the women last season complain about Courtney the same way, but they didn’t up their game and eventually lost to her.

The show did at least make an effort to pinpoint Arie as a potential favorite here with a heartfelt conversation, and Tony finally told her that he was a single dad.

The rose ceremony

The following men were all lucky enough to move on to Emily — and thus continue her dream of having tons of babies with one of these muscular, sleep-deprived, and over-dramatic guys.

Kalon – Not everyone loves him, but Emily does.

Arie – As we said, the IndyCar driver is a favorite.

Michael – She still must dig Michael’s ponytail.

Sean – We still think he looks like the blonde guy from One Direction several years from now.

Chris – Our only real footage of Chris so far is him complaining about Jef getting a rose.

Doug – Doug’s around to fight with Kalon some more.

Travis – The “egg guy” is thankfully no longer holding an egg.

Nate – He’s staying, and we barely know him.

Tony – Tony’s confession about being a single dad was clearly worth something.

John – We don’t know much about the guy, but he has a crazy smile.

Alessandro – He was also largely absent this week.

Charlie – Considering the story from earlier, we’re not surprised.

Alejandro – It was another nice choice for Emily, albeit a quiet one.

Stevie – Seriously? What do you see in Mr. DJ?

With this, we ended up saying goodbye this week to two people who were relatively quiet on the show — Clark Kent lookalike Aaron (complete with the glasses) and Kyle (who looks a little more like Chris Harrison, minus the personality).

What did you think about this episode, and do you think Ryan got the shaft when it comes to his one-on-one date?

Photo: ABC

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