‘House’ series finale review: Everybody cries, and a doctor [spoiler]

Say goodbye.

Dr. Gregory House has always been a complicated man — so with that, should any one us be surprised that this week’s episode had a complicated ending? Within the first five minutes, we already had an idea of how this episode was going to transpire — House sitting inside of a burning room (possibly his version of the afterlife) having a conversation with Kutner. He was debating taking his own life after coming to his own realization that his own life doesn’t matter, and Foreman and Wilson (despite the fact that his own life was hanging in the balance) had to try and hunt him down.

Almost as though it was an episode of “Lost,” much of the episode jumped from this scene to the path (via flashbacks) that led to House locking himself up. He dealt with a final patient, tried to get Wilson to take the fall for the season ticket fiasco, and continued to cope with the fact that his longtime friend’s life was going to be ending soon. All the while in the present, House was talking to delusions of a number of past residents of Princeton-Plainsboro, whether it be Masters, Cameron, or the aforementioned character from Kal Penn.

House did ultimately find a scapegoat for his ticket disaster — his final patient, who did the kind gesture in return for Hugh Laurie’s character trying to save his life. This moment ended up being the turning point for both the Doctor past and present, as he realized that you don’t have to wait until your death to be a good person, and he did have something left to give. Just as he started to escape the building, the building engulfed in a sea of flames and took him to what appeared to be a fiery grave.

Although we did (seemingly) lose House in the finale, was there any way for the character to go than a tiny bit of redemption? The final ten minutes were a fitting conclusion as well as a sob session for fans around the world — everyone thought Wilson was going to be the one to pass during the finale, it was all a bit of tragic misdirection … or was it?

Just as we thought that House had really died, it turned out that he was playing misdirection on us. He faked his own death to start a new one, and it was a risky move both for him along with everyone associated with the show. While a part of us would have rather seen House die than cower out of his own life, House was often a coward — even if we don’t always want to admit it. He made the biggest impact on everyone around him by losing his life, and yet he was still among the living to hear about the change through someone else — Wilson.

What did you think about the series finale, and do you think David Shore made the right decision when it comes to wrapping up the show?

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