‘Veep’ review: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and company get even stronger

The best episode yet.

Back when “Veep” first premiered earlier this spring, we praised the show as being a wicked satire of the political system led by a stellar Julia Louis-Dreyfus — who is captivating even though her character is really unsympathetic and often even despicable. However, since the first few weeks we had seen the show lose a bit of momentum over some of the problems that have started to become more noticeable as the series has progressed:

-None of the supporting characters are particularly interesting.

-The show tends to follow a pattern.

-Is our VP Selina Meyer ever going to face any consequences?

While the consequences problem was still here in Sunday night’s new installment, there was finally a story that showed off something great for the supporting roles. Selina recruited Dan to spy on the President’s aide Jonah, mostly in hopes that they could find some information to help them further some of the initiatives — but nothing really came out of this that benefited her. Instead, what we saw here was that Jonah actually does have a human side, and was excited to have a friend in DC.

Meanwhile, pretty much every person in Selina’s staff spent most of the episode trying to calm her down as the President ruined her Clean Jobs Bill in favor of some more limited legislation. Not only was the meltdown funny here, but it gave us a sense of Selina’s humanity — that as frustrating as it may be, her power is limited when there are so many pressures weighing down on her. If she had supported the President, she took away all of her hard work; while we felt for her in doing it, her decision to vote “no” on a bill that included some of her initiatives was a nice example of having to put a rather large ego in check.

Ultimately, “Veep” is now back on the right track here with an episode that really took the characters to the next level. While we know there is more buzz at the moment surrounding “Girls,” this is the comedy to watch if you are looking for some genuine laughs.

What do you think about this series now that we are so many weeks in?

Photo: HBO

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