Why NBC’s ‘Community’ fans should try out Fox’s ‘Ben & Kate’

Love the show? Try this.

Right now is not an easy time to be a “Community” fan — while the show was renewed, it was promptly jettisoned to Friday nights without its fearless leader in Dan Harmon. Pending a miracle, it’s going to be hard for Jeff Winger and the study group to even stay afloat moving forward.

So with that in mind, what other shows can fans of Greendale check out this fall? There’s one premiering on Fox with quite a few connections to the “Community” world — and it goes by the name of “Ben & Kate.”

While the Fox series differs from “Community” in tone and in story (as it focuses on a single mom and her infantile brother), it does boast two showrunners in Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan who are a big reason for the show’s success over the past three seasons. Meanwhile, its star in Nat Faxon has a unique connection to Jim Rash in that they (along with Alexander Payne) worked to write the Oscar-winning screenplay for “The Descendants.”

While there are not any other explicit connections yet, stay tuned — with the connections that Goldman and Donovan have, it wouldn’t be too big of a stunner down the road to see some of the “Community” actors stop by for a guest spot if “Ben & Kate” (which received a good bit of buzz at the Fox upfront last week) turns out to be a hit.

You can check out two clips of the new series below — the official trailer along with a new promo released by Fox. “Ben & Kate” will air Tuesday nights at 8:30 p.m., and serve as a lead-in for the smash hit “New Girl.”

Photo: NBC

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