‘House’ finale spoilers: Scoop on ending, Lisa Edelstein’s exit

Wilson's life is still a question mark.

Over the past few days, we have presented some assorted teasers concerning the long-awaited series finale for “House.” Now, we have just about as clear of a picture as we can expect to have when it comes to what will transpire in the closing minutes.

1. Don’t expect a drawn-out ending – Whatever happens here will be abrupt, and there are no guarantees that it will even be satisfying. Instead, it will be true to life. (Robert Sean Leonard, who is pictured with this article, has said as much in multiple interviews.)

2. There will also be some loose ends that remain just that, and not every story will be tied together.

3. For those of you wanting some references back to the show’s past, you will get just that courtesy of Jennifer Morrison (Cameron), Amber Tamblyn (Masters), and Olivia Wilde (Thirteen) all coming back.

4. Considering that the title here is “Everybody Dies,” you have to believe that mortality will play a key role throughout — whether it is Wilson’s or somebody else.

Now, we turn to one of the only questions remaining that we can actually ask at the moment — what about Cuddy? Not only did creator David Shore want her for the finale, he wanted to have Lisa Edelstein on board for the entire final season — and he tells TV Guide just that in a new interview:

“Things happen that you have no control over. You deal with things as they happen. I wanted Lisa to stay on the show. I wish she had stayed on the show. I made my desires known very strongly and it did not work out that way. That was not a pleasant time for anybody. Having said that, you deal with it and you go forward and you do the best that you can, and I think we’ve done some really great stuff this year.”

Do you think that you will be satisfied with the ending to “House” Monday night? Stay tuned, as we will have a full review of the episode after it airs.

Photo: Fox

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