Arsenio Hall talks ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ win with Donald Trump (video)

Arsenio is speaking out.

Less than 24 hours following his win on “The Celebrity Apprentice” Sunday night, Arsenio Hall is still basking in the glory of being champ — meanwhile, Donald Trump is (sort of) explaining why it is that he chose the former late-night star over Clay Aiken to be the champ.

Speaking on “The Today Show” Monday morning, Trump claimed that despite Clay raising twice as much money for his charity, Arsenio did a better job overall — citing his two wins as Project Manager versus Clay’s one. However, he did not go on to explain what exactly Arsenio did in the final task that was better than Clay (a sign that Trump’s criteria is really the most objective out of anyone on TV these days).

When it comes to Arsenio’s future, he told the “Today” crew that he is ready to get back into the late-night hosting world after so many years away — saying that a recent guest-hosting gig that he did on “Piers Morgan Tonight” helped to reinvigorate his passion for something he had previously not done in years.

As for whether or not Arsenio will really be seen as a great winner down the road, that is to be seen — and could be based largely on his success. Piers thus far is arguably the show’s biggest success story, though the boardroom has also helped to revive the career of Joan Rivers.

Do you think Arsenio will be remembered as a great winner?

Photo: NBC

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