‘The Bachelorette’: Chris Harrison explains Emily Maynard’s feistiness

Don't mess with Emily.

When “The Bachelorette” premiered last week, it’s possible that the preconceived notion of Emily Maynard as a sweet Southern belle was very much intact — but as some of the first previews for her show pretty clearly show, she also knows how to get more than a little bit aggressive. As a matter of fact, she even at one point swears at a contestant who is caught referring to Emily’s daughter Ricki as “baggage.”

So how much of this will we see of Emily all season? Chris Harrison teases that it will happen on more than one occasion, and this is what he explains in a new interview with TV Guide:

“This is what’s great about Emily, and this is what made [us] fall in love with her … She is sweet up until the time she’s not. Someone crosses her and really crosses Ricki, and that’s when Mama Bear comes out and is like ‘get the f–k out.'”

So who is this mystery man? It’s still hard to say, mostly because she is sitting with a group of guys when the moment happens. We will say this, though — it’s likely to happen in one of the earlier episodes, since we wouldn’t typically see this many guys around together in some of the later installments.

Check back Monday night, as we will have a full review of the episode as a whole.

Photo: ABC

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