Aubrey O’Day — ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ picked the wrong winner

Does Aubrey have a point?

Not long after the season finale of “The Celebrity Apprentice” aired on NBC, Aubrey O’Day was quick to make one thing rather clear — she didn’t feel as though the right person won out of the final two, and blamed editing for America being okay with it.

In a new post on Twitter mere minutes after Arsenio Hall won the title over Clay Aiken, Aubrey had the following to say on the subject of Donald Trump’s decision:

“Clay should have won. Ive been a part of A LOT of fierce reality show edits, but that was the ultimate! So sad for clay.”

There’s no doubt that a good many of Clay’s fans feel the same way, and this finish could go down as one of the most controversial in the entire history of the show. Why did Arsenio really end up winning? It is hard to say, but you may be able to chalk it up to such things as star power (such as having Magic Johnson in his commercial during the final task) as well as just giving some strong answers in the boardroom sessions to defend his case. Arsenio didn’t always keep his cool in the tasks, but he seems to have managed to step it up when it counts.

Do you think Aubrey is right with her comment, or is she just speaking based on her own history with Arsenio over the course of the season? Be sure to read our full finale review here!

Photo: NBC

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