‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ review: Somehow, still about Teresa Giudice

Front and center -- again.

Every week when watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” we try and think of a way to not make our episode review all about Teresa Giudice. We feel like a broken record, and we also feel like we are not giving some of the other ladies their due respect.

However, it’s so hard to focus on other people when Teresa ends up dominating so much of the air time — as well as the story. She started things off this week by having to deal with an angry confrontation with her husband Joe, who wants to basically cut off everyone in Teresa’s family who does not treat them the way that he wants — including her parents if it comes to it.

What’s the solution to settling all of the fighting going on? A field day at Jacqueline Laurita’s house! With Joe down at the Jersey Shore, it was a chance for Teresa to get along with Joe and Melissa Gorga and repair some of the broken bridges that are so obviously present in the family at this point. Rather than actually repairing anything, though, we saw the bridges instead burn to a crisp thanks to a fire-breathing dragon with a fancy hairdo and a heap of daughters.

Basically, the best way to sum up what happens is that Teresa’s daughter Gia starts to freak out after she accuses Joe Gorga of cheating during a potato sack race — which to a child is the equivalent of someone stealing your significant other. Jacqueline and Caroline Manzo try and defuse the situation in their own way, but when Teresa comes over it all falls apart. She tells the ladies not to get involved when it comes to her parenting — which we know some of the other women are questioning behind her back.

To top all of this off, Teresa also ends up angering Jacqueline by saying she would rather be at the Shore — and to that, we respond that she needs to go audition for a different reality show on MTV. This fighting has ultimately gotten so over-the-top it’s hard to believe that we are going to see a full season of it, and at a certain point we do want to see the ladies have more fun.

This is the debate we are having now that we are several episodes into “New Jersey” this season — can there be too much drama? We like that there is a story here, but the show is also about variety, and when so much fighting is about the same thing it can get tough to watch.

Who do you think needs to be the one to fix all of the family drama happening at the moment — Teresa, her husband, or someone else?

Photo: Bravo

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