AMC’s ‘The Killing’ review: Did the ending make up for slow pace?

What happened?

On Sunday night, “The Killing” really managed to give us the best and the worst of the show within the span of one hour — we spent about half of it with stories related to Richmond and Stan, who are great characters in smaller capacities than they were utilized this week.

Really, the only major highlight from these two stories for us came when Stan tried to resolve Tommy’s bird incident that caused him to be taken away from school, and this was really just another way for Veena Sud and the writing staff to show how Rosie Larsen’s departure has impacted everyone in a variety of ways. While some mourn, others act out — and it is putting even more stress on Stan during what is already an incredibly stressful situation.

In going back to the Rosie case, this episode did finally feature the moment that so many of us were waiting for — an investigation into the tenth floor of the casino. Linden made the rather silly decision to explore the place alone, and there were two major discoveries that came out of it rather quickly:

1. She made the discovery that Rosie came up to the tenth floor as a way to say goodbye to this part of the world.

2. There was a city key card found on the floor with some blood on it — which certainly does not bode well for Richmond as a suspect (especially with everything else he has going on at the moment).

Before she could do anything with these revelations, though, we had the cliffhanger of the century — despite Holden’s warnings to turn off her flashlight, Linden is knocked out at the end of the episode — and we don’t really know what is going to come next now that she is in the most dangerous of situations.

What do you think about some of the clues found on the tenth floor, and do you wish we were seeing more of the investigation at this point versus what is happening with Richmond and Stan? It’s unfortunately rather sad that so many people have tuned out on the show at this point, since, despite its pace issues at times, the mystery is stronger than it has been throughout the show’s entire run.

Photo: AMC

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