‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ finale review: Is Clay Aiken or Arsenio Hall the winner?

Did he do it?

After weeks of fights, challenges, embarrassing moments, and Aubrey O’Day polarizing just about everyone in America, we finally made it to the grand finale of “The Celebrity Apprentice” on Sunday night.

Before we get to the conclusion, it would be doing everyone a disservice if we did not talk about some of the ridiculousness that was Donald Trump’s opening introduction, and his awkward live demeanor with some of the returning stars.

Dayana Mendoza – Her opinion about Lisa Lampanelli has not changed, and apparently Victoria Gotti had the same thing to say. Can’t we all just get along at this point?

Patricia Velasquez – We feel bad for Patricia — mostly because Donald Trump asked her a question about her losing money for charity, built it up like he was about to give her some money, and then … nothing. Trump may be the meanest interviewer of all time, or at least when it comes to leading people on.

Lou Ferrigno – He can hear better now thanks to a hearing aid — but this time, he had a hard time getting himself heard as Donald Trump kept cutting him off.

Aubrey O’Day – Did anyone else laugh when Aubrey dyed her hair blonde, and was still the center of attention during the finale?

Lisa Lampanelli – Hats off to Lisa for being such a good sport when it comes to dealing with Dayana, and she really doesn’t even hate herself for being dramatic at times.

As to the actual challenge, it really did seem to be a pretty even match between Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall in terms of their designing an ad and event to promote their respective charities — they each had some components that worked out rather well, and, despite the promise of some major mistakes happening during last week’s show, each event turned out rather great. The best part? Lisa briefly reminding us of the good parts of the Trump Roast that happened on Comedy Central last year (without us having to watch The Situation try and be funny).

When they went into the final boardroom, it was once again pretty even. Both Arsenio and Clay were pretty thrilled with the performance of their teams, and in turn the teams loved working with the final two in making the task as strong as possible.

In going back to the live environment, both Clay and Arsenio had compelling arguments when it came to why they should win. In the case of Clay, he was a guy who impressed constantly not just with his dedication, but working well with everyone. Meanwhile, Arsenio was undefeated as a Project Manager, which may work to overwrite some of his emotional moments during the season. After all, we know that neither Aubrey nor Lisa were in his corner here.

As it turns out, Arsenio’s record — and his stellar showcase during the final challenge — did end up securing him the win. He remains undefeated, and Clay Aiken is sadly stuck with another second-place finish on a reality show.

What did you think about the finale as a whole, and do you think the right person won this season?

Photo: NBC


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