‘The Simpsons’ finale review: How did Lady Gaga do?

Gaga arrived in Springfield!

Sunday night marked the season finale for “The Simpsons,” and if you follow the show closely that really means one thing above all else — celebrity guest stars! In this case, we had one of the biggest guest stars of all in Lady Gaga, who is certainly exciting enough that she doesn’t even have to play a character.

Basically, the premise was over-the-top to begin with, as Gaga’s sixth sense led to her heading to Springfield to comfort someone in need of some love and attention — Lisa, who had basically been handed the school’s equivalent of a “loser award” in front of the entire student body. From here, we really saw a parody of the anti-bullying movement in many ways — or at least a satire in the sense of the fact that despite how hard you may try to stop bullying, it doesn’t really fix the problem. Lisa really just became more frustrated with everything Gaga was trying to do in order to help — mostly because many of the suggestions ended up making the situation worse (including trying to deal with some message board hate).

The funniest moment of the entire episode is when Lisa ended up exploding all over Gaga, who cried diamonds as she was watching one of her fans crumble. As funny as this moment was, though, it led to the most bizarre thing about the finale — Lisa never really apologized for her outburst. She thanked Gaga for giving her an outlet to express her rage, but that’s not really the same thing as saying to one of your personal heroes that you feel bad about how you acted.

While this issue at the end keeps us from saying that this is part of the “Simpsons” elite, it was at least one of the funniest shows produced of the season, and it gave Gaga a platform to show that she is more than willing to engage in a little bit of self-parody despite being one of the biggest stars in music.

What did you think about the finale, and do you think Gaga fared better than some of the other guest stars that the show has featured over the years?

Photo: Fox

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