2012 Billboard Music Awards: Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry hit the stage

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The lineup for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards is pretty insane — mostly because it includes everyone from Justin Bieber to Carrie Underwood to Chris Brown.

Check back often, as we will have more updates throughout the show of people rocking the stage (and hopefully presenting a few surprises along the way).

LMFAO – It was appropriate that the “Party Rock Anthem” singers would kick off the awards show, but we have to say that it was a little stunning for the first few minutes to see SkyBlu without his trademark mane of hair. Since when does he want to actually abandon the silly persona and become a bit more of a good-looking ordinary dude?

With that being said, the dancing zebra in sparkly underwear definitely made the closing number exciting.

Kelly Clarkson – Kelly used the show in order to launch her new single “Darkside,” which was a powerful ballad about vulnerability and being true to yourself. This performance actually serves as the perfect lead-off to a rather busy week for Kelly. In addition to this performance, she will be on “Dancing with the Stars” Monday and her new show “Duets” Thursday night.

The Wanted – It was a smart move to pair “Glad You Came” with “Chasing the Sun,” and it certainly worked well for the British boy band. It didn’t really bring anything new to the table at all, but it was certainly entertaining.

Chris Brown – There’s no questioning that Chris (despite whatever warranted personal opinion you may have of him) knows how to work the stage — however, we do still wonder just how much actual singing was really in here in the midst of all the lip-syncing.

Usher – Usher’s performance was as classy and well-sung as you would expect. However, we have to wonder why they put him right after Chris Brown without mixing up the pop / R&B acts a bit more throughout the show.

Justin Bieber – What went wrong with Bieber’s performance? While he brought the injury throughout his entire take on “Boyfriend,” the sound seemed to be off for almost the entire performance.

Carly Rae Jepsen – Justin made her a star here in America, so it only seemed appropriate that she would follow him up. We admittedly didn’t love her fashion choice with a sparkly green top that was akin to what Rachel Reilly wore on “The Amazing Race,” but we do totally love the song.

Carrie Underwood – Were you “Blown Away” by this? (Rim shot.) We heard Carrie perform this song recently on “American Idol,” and this performance was as great as the last one.

Linkin Park – If you love rock music, this was a welcome reprieve from the more pop-oriented performances — and we really wish there was more of this during the show.

Katy Perry – Katy made an interesting choice when it came to her new single “Wide Awake.” She spent almost the entire performance in the air, and her vocals suffered a little as a result. With that being said, though, there’s still no denying just how captivating she is to watch.

Goodie Mob – Cee Lo Green’s group was literally upstaged by the one-legged soldier who stunned with some of his moves throughout the “Fight to Win” performance. There was a lovely tribute at the end of this to the late MCA of the Beastie Boys.

Nelly Furtado – We used to love Nelly, but her music started to become more and more soundalike after she started working with Timbaland. All this performance really did for us was make us pine for “I’m Like a Bird” again.

Stevie Wonder – It’s always wonderful to watch a Stevie Wonder performance — and it’s even more wonderful when he is joined by Alicia Keys.

Photo: ABC / Billboard

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