Fox’s ‘House’: Hugh Laurie, creator hopeful fans will like series finale

The finale airs Monday night.

On Monday night, “House” will finally come to a close with an hour-long finale that will try and tie together eight seasons of drama — and this is going to be a challenge in itself. If you add to this some astronomical expectations courtesy of some of the show’s fans, it’s pretty easy to have sympathy for everyone involved with the Fox series in terms of making a satisfying ending.

So are Hugh Laurie and company feeling confident about their end product? It seems to be that way. In a new video from Fox below, you can see Laurie and some other stars including Robert Sean Leonard and Odette Annable all expressing their hope that fans will end up loving what is on their TV sets. However, one person seems to be a bit more diplomatic when it comes to the audience reaction — show creator David Shore. He is already doing the smart thing and acknowledging that probably not every fan out there will end up loving how the show handles the ending — but this is pretty much true for every series finale whether it be “Lost” or “The Sopranos” or even “Desperate Housewives” from earlier this year.

The best thing “House” can really hope for at the end of the day is an ending that satisfies most people, and at the same time creates a story that feels true to what the doctors of Princeton-Plainsboro would do on an everyday basis. Just so that it is noted, though, don’t expect any sweeping montages or lengthy goodbye speeches — if anything, this finale will be minimalist in style rather than over-the-top.

What do you expect to see from the series’ final episode?

Photo: Fox

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