‘The Bachelorette’ preview: ABC teases Emily Maynard’s dates and more

Will Ryan receive a rose?

We’re not sure if ABC is trying to combat spoilers by pretty much describing their entire episodes of “The Bachelorette” in their press releases, but at the moment that does seem to be a possibility. Do you want to know some of what happens to Emily Maynard and her men this week? Read on — otherwise, look away since the following contains minor spoilers (mostly in the form of who ends up getting the one-on-one dates and some of the drama that ensues).

As per usual on the show, there will be two one-on-one dates during the episode, along with the aforementioned group date involving the Muppets:

Ryan is ecstatic when he finds out that he gets the first date of the season. After a quick visit with her girlfriends, Emily arrives at the mansion to take Ryan away for what he thinks will be a glamorous day of fun. But Emily has other plans, as she takes him to her home and instructs him in the everyday task of baking cookies for Ricki’s soccer team. Will he pass the ‘test’? Later that night, Emily looks stunning as she scoops Ryan up in a sleek Aston Martin and brings him to a romantic dinner spot. After walking a red carpet lined with adoring fans, Emily and Ryan have a secluded fireside table where they discuss relationships and their potential future over dinner. Then things turn intimate even though the couple are the in middle of a crowd, as they are serenaded in a special concert by popular country band Gloriana, featuring their hit single ‘(Kissed You) Good Night.’ But is there enough romance for Ryan to get the rose?

“The next day, 13 bachelors take to the stage and join Emily and the beloved Muppets for a live performance benefitting The Ricky Hendrick Centers for Intensive Care at The Levine Children’s Hospital. The men split up in groups to rehearse, but one man has a serious case of performance panic. He explains the problem to Emily and musters up enough courage to go on, but how will he feel when Miss Piggy targets him during the show? The men also get a pleasant surprise when they see Ricki for the first time as she joins her mother and The Muppets in a special performance. That evening at the swank after party, the competition for Emily’s attention heats up: Chris is all smiles as the Bachelorette gushes over his looks; Stevie treats her to a slow dance but gets interrupted by the overconfident Kalon; and Jef finally starts to open up to Emily, but will she find him too guarded?

“The next day is a dream come true for Joe, as Emily meets him at a private jet and they’re off to West Virginia to the exquisite Greenbriar resort, which holds many childhood memories for the Bachelorette, who spent time there with her family. The scene is set for the two to have an extravagant dinner in a grand ballroom. They recite their individual dreams for the future in front of the famous ‘love clock,’ but is Joe ready for life with a single mom and her daughter?

“Meanwhile, back at the mansion, a poolside fight breaks out between Doug and Kalon. They almost come to blows when Doug’s fathering practices are questioned.

“The following night at home, Ricki helps Emily as she gets dressed for her next rose ceremony. Arriving at the mansion, everyone wants the Bachelorette’s time at the cocktail party, particularly those men who didn’t get a date. Arie reveals to Emily that he once dated a woman with two children. Ryan, even though he already has had an individual date, monopolizes her time, as another man is dying to tell her that he has a son.

“At the end of the night after a dramatic rose ceremony, 16 men remain to battle for Emily’s heart.”

Based on everything you see above, do you think such people as Kalon, Stevie, and Doug are going to get roses and last for another week?

Photo: ABC

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