‘The Vampire Diaries’ spoilers: More from Nina Dobrev on season 4

The show returns in October.

Following the season 3 finale of “The Vampire Diaries,” many of the cast members were met with a rather interesting challenge — trying to describe their thoughts on Elena’s transformation into a vampire with various reporters. Of course, no one knows where season 4 is going to lead just yet — but that isn’t stopping the cast from speaking out about their theories.

In a chat with The Insider at the CW upfront presentation late last week, Nina Dobrev started things off by simply saying that she was happy that the audience ended up being as surprised as they were:

“The response has been amazing, and the reason it has been so amazing is that we were able to keep it a secret and we did such a good job tricking everyone.”

Meanwhile, Paul Wesley had another interesting viewpoint on the whole plot twist — while it may be necessary now for the sake of keeping things interesting, there is no guarantee that Elena will stay a vampire forever if it starts to make the story for the show a little less exciting:

“It’s going to be interesting … A lot of it is going to be about trying to find a way to reverse that. I don’t know what season 4 is going to entail, but I’m not sure if Elena is going to be a vampire for six seasons, seven seasons. A lot of it is going to depend on if it’s working. I think if it becomes redundant [they will find a way to change it].”

If course, potentially reversing Elena’s transformation could end up raising all sorts of other questions about vampire mortality — could some of the other characters decided that they don’t want to live forever, either? The fabric of the show has clearly changed now, and the question left surrounds the emotional circumstances that come with being a vampire and staying the same age permanently.

Do you think that Elena will end up being a vampire forever?

Photo: The CW

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