‘Saturday Night Live’ finale review: Mick Jagger rocks, Kristen Wiig leaves

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The season finale of “Saturday Night Live” certainly started out with plenty of hype. After all, we had someone from and center in Mick Jagger who is not only a rock music icon, but chose to do something rather different on this show in bring some elements of comedy to the table.

So how did he do? There were some surprises, some great performances featuring Foo Fighters and Jeff Beck, and other moments that made us realize that even if the show was uneven, it was worth staying in and staying up to watch.

Of course, there is really one thing that we have a feeling most longtime fans of the show will be talking about more so even than Mick’s performance (which was solid from a comedy standpoint, especially when he layered on the charm with his monologue) — Kristen Wiig’s official departure from the show after seven seasons. It was done in a classy way as Jagger ended up making the announcement in a mock graduation, and then it slowly became a rather hilarious dance party featuring some other past familiar faces. Was it emotional? Definitely, and we do think that “SNL” is going to badly miss having someone as game and as committed as Kristen. The good news is that they still have plenty of other great performers waiting in the wings.

As for the rest of the show, really the best thing we can say is that while Jagger was not always able to stretch himself when it comes to his characters, he was carried well by some of his fellow cast members — and the Digital Short featuring Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell was one of the best of the season (though that’s not really saying much when you look back at most of the shorts — with the exception of the one from last week that reminded us of some of the past greats before this year).

Overall, the show ended the season in a rather interesting way — it was more about rock n’ roll than comedy most of the time, and it was emotional at the end with Wiig leaving. While “SNL” is not always the strongest show on TV, we’ll be the first to admit that we’ll miss it for the summer — and be eagerly awaiting staying up to watch it in the fall.

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