‘Game of Thrones’ preview: Jon Snow meets the Lord of Bones

Bad news for Jon.

There are only two episodes left before the season 2 finale of “Game of Thrones” (doesn’t time fly by fast?), and with that the tension is going to be building in a rather major way for Sunday night’s new episode “The Prince of Winterfell.”

Want to know what’s going to happen? Here are just a small handful of hunts from the preview below:

-Jorah is going to do his absolute best to convince Daenerys to just move on without her dragons, mostly because there doesn’t really seem to be any way they can stay in a place as dangerous as Qarth has become. The man who let her into the city is Xaro is now taking over, and in order to keep herself alive she may be forced to team up with him.

-Meanwhile, Jon Snow is going to learn the consequences of keeping Ygritte alive in a very real way as he ends up coming face-to-face with the Lord of Bones. Could this somehow still work out to be a good thing for him? We’ll see…

-Arya has to decide what she wants to with the final kill given to her.

-Tyrion has to figure out how exactly to save his love from getting too close to Sansa Stark, and thus risking the entire plan that he has structured out perfectly.

-Finally, we have Theon — considering that he could be the person referenced in the title, he is poised to have a rather big week. The biggest problem he has is that his occupation of Winterfell is based on his own insecurity and driving fear into the hearts of others, and there’s no way we imagine him being able to handle this responsibility in the long run.

Who do you think is at the most risk leading into Sunday night’s new episode?

Photo: HBO

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