‘The Voice’ UK review: Becky Hill swears, will.i.am speaks the truth

Want drama?

If you love drama, then it’s pretty likely that you rather enjoyed Saturday night’s performance edition of “The Voice” UK. The coaches went at each other early and often, some contestants broke down on stage, and Jessie J was desperate trying to cling on to the fact that this show is supposed to be a happy one and not “The X Factor.”

Thankfully, there were some good performances still mixed in here.

The group numbers

Jessie’s group performance, “We Are Young” – We don’t usually talk about the group numbers, but we have to applause Jessie for having the guts to stop the entire show over her mic not working properly. Take that, shows that lip-sync their group numbers!

Danny’s group performance, “Somebody That I Used to Know” – Read all of the performance reviews below, and then come back up. Danny (wearing a fun little bowler hat) and his whole team looked mostly angry after some of the other coaches’ comments, and it impacted this performance in a big way. Including Danny, Bo Bruce is really the only person who did a great job here — which is great for her since she seems to be a lock to become a finalist.

The individual performances

Max Milner, “Little Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” (Team Danny) – This is a fun song choice if you are on a road trip, but not if you are on a singing competition. There’s just only so much you can do it with, even though we do give Max some serious credit for creating his rap in the middle of it (even Misha B on “The X Factor” already perfected this).

After being in the bottom the last time he was on the show, we think it’s pretty safe to say that Max will be in trouble again thanks mostly to him performing early in the show.

Cassius Henry, “Turning Tables” (Team Jessie) – Are we seeing some strategy here by Danny? While he was more critical here than some of the other coaches following a performance, he did have some points — he did spend too much time getting dizzy on a spinning platform, and he also was out of tune at times.

Really, Cassius reminds us of Jermaine Paul on the American version of the show — and since Jermaine won his version, that bodes well for him.

Bo Bruce, “Love the Way You Lie” (Team Danny) – While it would have been nice for “The Voice” to recognize Skylar Grey along with Rihanna for this performance (even if will.i.am did later), this performance certainly wins the “dramatic staging” award of the season. Standing in front of a fire in a tan dress, Bo sounded quite a bit like Skylar as she took on the song.

The only flaw Bo had was that she was a little breathy at times, but we don’t necessarily think it took away from the performance too much.

Vince Kidd, “My Love is Your Love” (Team Jessie) – Typically, the only songs we hear any contestants sing from Whitney Houston are the big ballads. Really, that’s why we were excited to hear this performance so much.

While there wasn’t really much here that really created a genuine moment, it was a great deal of fun — plus, it’s also nice to hear people actually sing some happy songs from time to time.

Aleks Josh (Team Danny) – We’re not familiar with the specific Jack Johnson song he performed, but it really didn’t work from this standpoint. Why? It didn’t really do anything to show off his voice — as a matter of fact, crooners don’t really take on songs with these sort of rapid-fire lyrics for a reason. The judges mostly dogpiled him, and it feels like he is in the competition to be comfortable rather than to actually win.

Despite our complaints, there still is a chance for Aleks to make it through to the next round — if for no other reason than that he is a good-looking guy, and could have the young female vote.

Becky Hill, “Seven Nation Army” (Team Jessie) – Becky was a mess, and that’s putting it lightly. She’s got some talent, but she’s a bit like a Tasmanian devil on stage in that she goes all over the place, and you never quite know what she is going to do.

Unfortunately for BBC One, this means that they are probably going to have to pay a hefty fine for Becky cursing when she ended up dropping a certain word when she messed up.

David Julien, “She Will Be Loved” (Team Danny) – This is where things really started to get interesting. Was David’s performance okay? Sure, but okay is not great enough — and it put will.i.am in a tough position.

This is where one of the biggest problems of “The Voice” shines through — the coaches all clearly have their favorites, and it’s hard to be unbiased. With that, it’s understandable why Danny didn’t like some of will.i.am’s critique about his song choices over the course of the evening — these songs are not going to make anyone stars.

Toni Warne, “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” (Team Jessie) – After being in trouble last week, Toni had her work cut out for her this time around in trying to come back into the race.

Luckily, Toni succeeded — and if she was on Danny’s team, we’d probably say that she is moving on into the next round.

Who was your favorite from this show, and do you think the coaches were too critical — or just right?

Photo: BBC One

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