ABC’s ‘Castle’ spoilers: What’s up for Ryan and Esposito in season 5?

Expect some changes next season.

While it’s easy to spend much of our “Castle” time talking about Castle and Beckett (mostly because they are rather amazing), don’t some other people in relation to the show deserve a little bit of love?

With that in mind, our following bit of season 5 scoop is really all about the buddy cop relationship between one Ryan and Esposito. So what’s going to happen following Esposito’s suspension — and will him taking Beckett’s side hurt his friendship with Ryan in any way? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, actor Jon Huertas explained that we would see the two parties likely make amends pretty early on:

“If I know [executive producer] Andrew Marlowe, I think he will probably have us [friends again] by the end of the first episode, scene 5 … He will probably have that seed of distrust planted. I probably won’t trust Ryan as I much did before.”

As we have said all along, it’s pretty fair to say that you should expect this season to by and large carry a much more lighthearted tone than some of the serious moments that we witnessed back in season 4 — after all, the primary couple is finally together, and the focus can be on watching them grow in move forward as a team. (This should ultimately lead to more airtime for some of the other characters, as well.)

What do you want to see happen with Ryan and Esposito for season 5? Even though we are in the summer months now, don’t expect the scoop to end! We’ll have more as it breaks.

Photo: ABC

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