‘The Carrie Diaries’ trailer: Is this the real Carrie Bradshaw?

Will the show be successful?

For a brief period of time on Friday (before Warner Bros. TV removed it from the internet, at least), the world had an opportunity to witness for the first time the first trailer to one of the most ambitious new shows of the season — “The Carrie Diaries.” As longtime “Sex and the City” fans, it’s certainly a show that we have been interested in — though at the same, it’s also a show that also sends chills down the spines of anyone who loves continuity.

From the standpoint of what we saw in the 90-second clip, the story of the “Diaries” is rather simple. A young Carrie Bradshaw (a delightful AnnaSophia Robb) is getting her feet wet in Manhattan for the first time, while at the same time keeping one foot firmly planted in the small town where she grew up. Her heart is set on a boy named Sebastian Kidd, but at the same time she still dreams of something more.

There are still elements of the “City” throughout the clip, as we have the classic Carrie narration along with some age-appropriate references to the male anatomy. Fashion also plays a heavy role, as does the spirit of New York.

The biggest thing that the trailer ultimately does have going for it, though, is how it manages to skirt around some the problems with this adaptation that are going to scare major fans of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie away — the changes to her origin story. The trailer doesn’t show us the character of Carrie’s father, who is in this story despite Carrie telling us in “Sex and the City” that she was abandoned by him at an early age. (We know the characters has been cast — so unless he is appearing only in flashbacks as an early child, this will be an issue.) There could also be some more issues in regards to Carrie’s love life depending on just how faithful the series remains to the Candace Bushnell book, or if it will rely more on the series’ origin story. (For example, Parker’s Carrie said that she lost her virginity to a guy named Seth in the first series — but that doesn’t seem to be a part of this story.)

Overall, the best thing a longtime “Sex and the City” fan can probably do if they want to enjoy “The Carrie Diaries” is to turn off their continuity radar a bit. Bushnell was keen to change a few details when it came to creating her book, and the producers of the show are once again changing a few more things. Can it still be a good show without necessarily getting every detail right? Sure, but it also faces more of an uphill climb.

Are you planning to watch the “Diaries” when it premieres at midseason? Just in case the trailer ever gets put back online, we’ve posted it along with this article.

Photo: The CW

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